I stretch it, paint it, fold it, going to the limits of its strength, fragility and transparency.
It often leaves me in desperation because of its fragility.
It leaves me breathless with the feeling of happiness to see its fragile intensity.


older events

Honorable mention 5th World Ceramic Biennale 2009 (CEBIKO), Korea

Biennial of Manises 2009 (Spain)

Biennial of Aveiro 2009 (Portugal)

L'Alcora 2009 (Spain)

"Folded Love Letters series" 2ndpremium CERCO 2008 (Zaragoza, Spain)

L'Alcora 2008, Spain

Biennale de L'Esplugues 2008, Spain

Gold Coast Award 2008, Australia

Argillà 2008 Fair (Faenza)

Fiera della Ceramica 2008 (Firenze)

(Publication Lark Books “500 ceramic sculptures” (spring 2009)