I stretch it, paint it, fold it, going to the limits of its strength, fragility and transparency.
It often leaves me in desperation because of its fragility.
It leaves me breathless with the feeling of happiness to see its fragile intensity.




Summer Treasures


cushion brooch

Without my kiln, for a while, finally I mounted some of the smaller pieces, that I keep 'collecting'; my trials and errors and my color- and form tests, these test pieces somehow manage to start a life of their own as jewelery pieces or sometimes as little animals. Maybe because I find it really difficult to throw anything away.. (one never knows if they could turn into something...) and because these small scale trials inspire and keep me going... If they turn out interesting, I try to find out other possibilities. The cushions brooches I have been making for a while, have three layers of thin porcelain, the bottom layers are closed, so in baking they 'rise' nicely!. (I just made an appletart for Sanne's birthday, so this phrase is in style..) and the third layer has holes for the 'pins' and pearls and the stitching.



porcelain (glazed), sliver and gold (filled)