I stretch it, paint it, fold it, going to the limits of its strength, fragility and transparency.
It often leaves me in desperation because of its fragility.
It leaves me breathless with the feeling of happiness to see its fragile intensity.


elit-tile 2010 IV International Ceramic Tile Triennial

                                                         elit-tile 2010

Mejor Tile Concepto, (Best Tile Concept) Premio Fundación Altos de Chavón
"Por el diálogo entre la porcelana y el esmaltado que funde el escenario con el planteamiento temático"


Magia d'un Arte a Deruta

grazie a l'entusiasmo ed impegno di Margherita Cirulli di nuovo una bellissima mostra; questa volta nel Museo di Ceramica a Deruta.
fino al 12 settembre


Argillà 2010

appena tornata da Faenza ho trovato questa foto nella mia posta
Grazie Roberta!


Grazie a Stefania Romanelli qui c'è una traduzione in italiano dal pezzo di Schnuppe von Gwinner  (original post):

I lavori in porcellana di Margrieta Jeltema conducono questo materiale a superare definitivamente i suoi limiti. I soggetti nascono sulla base di modelli di carta, da cui si distanziano sempre più per diventare qualcosa di unico. Possono essere ciotole, ma anche fiori o una semplice mano. Le forme si intrecciano con significati e associazioni, le quali nascono in modo del tutto individuale da parte dell’osservatore - proprio dopo che lo stupore per la tenerezza venga sostituito dalla gioia della scoperta. Così sformata, sgualcita, sfrangiata la porcellana nega sé stessa. Simula flessibilità e morbidezza - e solo quando la si tocca questa illusione scompare. L’inganno dei sensi trova qui il suo apice, poetico ed ispiratore.


song of loneliness

withered tulips ( honourable mention in the IPA 2010)


selected for the Gold Coast International Ceramic Award 2010

a Waterlily in Australia                                                                                                                                                                                        
    from 21 August -17 October 2010


Argillà 2010

I'm happy and proud to have one of my pictures (where a beautiful girl lingers absorbed at my stand at Argillà 2008) on the homepage of Argillà 2010. I'm also happy and proud to be partecipating once more; in september this year.


un Omaggio a Deruta

 Detail from a bowl created as an homage to the great ceramic history of the city of Deruta. A Peacock Feather motive on a Deruta bowl from the sixteenth century (inspired by Persian designs) is proposed as paper-like porcelain.
The exhibition "un Omaggio a Deruta" will be at the "Centro d’Arte e Cultura Torre Strozzi", an ancient medieval  structure  from the thirteenth century in Parlesca, small village near Perugia (Italy).
From 9 May until 9 June 2010.


about my work

    Schnuppe Von Gwinner wrote about my work:

Margrieta Jeltema's Werke aus Porzellan führen das Material definitiv an seine Grenzen. Die Objekte entstehen in Anlehnung an Papiermodelle, von denen sie sie sich immer mehr entfernen um etwas ganz Eigenes zu werden. Sie können Schalen sein, aber auch Blüten oder eine hohle Hand. Formen verweben sich mit Bedeutungen und Assoziationen, die ganz individuell beim Betrachter entstehen - gleich nachdem das Erstaunen über die Zartheit von wahrer Entdeckerfreude abgelöst wird. So ausgebeult, zerknittert, ausgefranst leugnet sich das Porzellan. Es täuscht Flexibilität und Weichheit vor - erst wenn man es berührt verschwindet diese Illusion. Das Vexierspiel findet hier seinen Höhepunkt, poetisch und inpirierend.


Grimmerhus Museum Denmark

Waterlilies and Folded Love Letters in Denmark


"Paperficial" exhibition in Hamburg

this and more can been seen at the
"Paperficial" exhibition in Hamburg 
organized by  Schnuppe von Gwinner at the 
craft2eu Gallery
From 10. March to 08. May 2010
Mon to Fr 12am-7pm, Sat 11am-4pm


pinched bowls

Bowls made from stoneware.
As I often use stoneware to make the forms in wich I fire my larger porcelain bowls, that would slump otherwise, sometimes I like to transform it into forms that stand on their own...; like these three bowls. They have a paperlike pattern on the outside and a velvet light-turquoise glaze within.
h. 5 cm. - 17 cm.


some inspirations

Dreaming of spring..or just wanting to make pictures,
while everything outside is grey and misty and cold...? 

I tried to capture the soft silken texture of the petals..
a soft shine I could wish as a porcelain glaze...
Usually I put my pictures here or here
but it is nice to mix everything up sometimes

I'm always curious to see new results,
new possibilities; and then, 

sometimes unexpectedly, 
patterns emerge!


corsi di ceramica in Faenza

I'm happy to put here the links sent to me by the very talented and sweet Antonella Cimattabout the new courses that her art institute in Faenza, is starting this year:

L'istituto d'arte "Ballardini " di Faenza riapre i corsi di Perfezionamento ARTE E TECNICHE DELLA CERAMICA

this is a detail of a porcelain and leds installation
by Antonella Cimatti