I stretch it, paint it, fold it, going to the limits of its strength, fragility and transparency.
It often leaves me in desperation because of its fragility.
It leaves me breathless with the feeling of happiness to see its fragile intensity.


L'Amore è un Giardino


Amore, sostantivo plurale
a cura di Erika Lacava
Spazio Arnaout
14 – 17 marzo 2019

l'Amore è un Giardino

porcelain and embroideries


(Valeria Chernova & Margrieta Jeltema)


Jewelry by Valeria Chernova & Margrieta Jeltema

"Let it snow"

mostra curata da Erika Lacava 

Galleria VisioniAltre


22 Dicembre 2018 – 6 Gennaio 2019
Campo del Ghetto Nuovo 2918, Venezia


by Valeria Chernova & Margrieta Jeltema

materials: cotton threads, silver and porcelain


"Folded Love Letters" in the permanent exhibition of CERCO

My "Folded Love Letters" in the permanent collection of CERCO  (Zaragoza, Spain)

exposicion-permanente CERCO

Centro de Artesanía de Aragón se encuentran los fondos de la Colección CERCO

Un lugar lleno de imaginación y magia.



2018 Cone Box Show

Enchanted (memory ) vase, purchase award at the 2018 Cone Box Show.
Juror Pete Pinnell.

Happy with a reward at the 2018 Cone Box Show, now on display in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15 March NCECA Conference Reception for the Cone Box Show


Enchanted vases

Honorable mention in the Bienal Internacional de Cerâmica Artística de Aveiro

A 13.ª edição da Bienal Internacional de Cerâmica Artística de Aveiro decorre de 28 de outubro e 4 de dezembro no Museu de Aveiro.


folded vases in Aveiro (Portugal)

exhibition in Aveiro (Portugal)
Bienal Internacional de Cerâmica Artística de Aveiro
many thanks and credits to Design: AFD / AdC / Photo: Tiago Bettencourt
and Beppe Olmeti


Cluj Ceramics Biennale - 3rd Edition - 12 October - 26 November 2017

enchanted vases


Happy & proud with an article in the October 2017 issue nr.34 of the independent Dutch Ceramics Magazine de kleine K. Thanks to Sander Hendriks for the nice interview and the lovely written piece. Thanks to all the editors!

   a detail of the "bayou flower" on the homepage of the magazine!

                        the first pages of the downloadable article


"the Unfolding Blossoms" have been selected for the 17 Premio Internacional de Cerámica Contemporánea de CERCO -Zaragoza (Spain) 

exhibition 22 September - 20 October 2017

Las obras seleccionadas y premiadas, serán expuestas en la sala de exposiciones del Centro de Artesanía de Aragón del 22 de septiembre al 20 de octubre de 2017, y todas ellas figurarán en la publicación general que se editará con motivo de CERCO 2018, Feria Internacional de Cerámica Contemporánea.

Unfolding Blossoms


a taste of the article that will be published in the October issue of the beautiful "De kleine K" ceramic's magazine.

Voorproefje van nummer 34, oktober 2017! Gratis inspiratie en knowhow!
Margrieta Jeltema maakt ragfijne werken van porselein. Ze laat zich inspireren door oeroude tradities en probeert haar werk kenmerken van papier mee te geven. Experimenteren is haar tweede natuur en onverwachte ontdekkingen zijn ....


Obras finalistas CICA 2017

Obras finalistas CICA 2017 

Museu de Ceràmica de l'Alcora - CICA


If you would like to vote....

 there are my peony flowers as well.

bone china


how to make a porcelain flower

start here :

..........Je ne le fais que parce que je ne sais pas encore exactement ce che je veux faire, cela que je voudrais tant faire.......

«Si je devais écrire un livre pour communiquer ce que je pense déjà, avant d'avoir commencé à écrire, je n'aurais jamais le courage de l'entreprendre. Je ne l'écris que parce que je ne sais pas encore exactement quoi penser de cette chose que je voudrais tant penser. [...] Je suis un expérimentateur en ce sens que j'écris pour me changer moi-même et ne plus penser la même chose qu'auparavant.»Michel Foucault, 1978.

XIII Aveiro Biennial (Portugal)

 "Enchanted Vases" chosen for the XIII Aveiro Biennial of artistic ceramics

exposição de 28 de Outubro de 2017 a 4 de Dezembro de 2017, no Museu de Aveiro | Santa Joana. 


This made my day : I found  Wendy Tan's blog , where she writes: "Top Ten Global Artists. These artists's works are inspire my works. I like artworks are organic form and related to nature."

I'm honored to be in her ten favorite inspirations.., I am in good company too.. :-)


photograph @Alliages

with Caterina Roma, Christine Bruckner, Christine Claerhout, Fabio Ciancaglini, Françoise Bertin, Izabela Jolanta, Juli About, Margot Thyssen, Margrieta Jeltema, Marie Mora, Monique Voz, Oana Stoica, Philippe Lucas, Rita Hendrickx, Sasha Wardelll, Sophie Luline, Thomas Petot, Tiffany Leach, Ute van der Plaats & Valérie Caulemans




a homage to Sidney Bechet

porcelain 'flowers' with blue 'tattooed' rims - oxides and gold
inside glazed


eggshell-thin porcelain bowls, sad and sweet like cajun music...

sweet sugar & secrets from Margrieta Jeltema on Vimeo.

inspiration and workplace

My Atelier (Enchanted Flowers) from Margrieta Jeltema on Vimeo.

In the backgarden of my house is a terrace that became an atelier. Here I make my porcelain sculptures and here I get inspired by the delicate plays of light and shadow all around me.

The slideshow with pictures of my atelier and surroundings was made on request of the curators of the 6th World Korean Ceramics Biennial 2011. It has been used for a video about the workplaces of artists who participated in the exhibition.