I stretch it, paint it, fold it, going to the limits of its strength, fragility and transparency.
It often leaves me in desperation because of its fragility.
It leaves me breathless with the feeling of happiness to see its fragile intensity.


GoldCoast Award exhibition 2012

Bayou Flower

She wanted to be a flower, born in the Bayou out of Cajun melodies.
Formed by the touch of violin strings,
uplifted by the voice of the bandoneon,
unfolded by the gentle embrace of the guitar sound.
She gathers sadness in her petals; longing, lost loves and kisses.
She dreams in the shade of ancient life oaks where lichen veils dance on the rhythm of a song brought on the river by the wind.
Her red rims are wounds of 'saudade' and burn bronze in the evening sun.
She grows transparent with light, her heart filled with possible worlds.

selected for the 28th Gold Coast International Ceramic Award 2012