I stretch it, paint it, fold it, going to the limits of its strength, fragility and transparency.
It often leaves me in desperation because of its fragility.
It leaves me breathless with the feeling of happiness to see its fragile intensity.


Sunday 6 September at the Monastero S.Maria del Giglio


A late summer's morning,

 in the beautiful garden of the Monastero S.Maria del Giglio

Bolsena (VT)

A taste of my ceramics (and of some of my photographs - in the Black & White Magazine, with a series on Bolsena)

The invitation for a series of ceramic courses to be held in the monastery
with dates to be specified later on if there is enough interest.

the chicken behind the table is not very interested..


Monastero S.Maria del Giglio

Domenica 6 settembre 2020, sarò presente al bellissimo Monastero Santa Maria del Giglio di Bolsena con "Treasures" e "Tiles" in porcellana e maiolica.